Sunday, December 21, 2008


Apologies for not posting in a while, there are topics I want to discuss but just haven't felt like writing them down yet. I'll be traveling home for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow, maybe being in a different routine will make me write more. A lot of big announcements though!

* I rejoined my old former guild 2-3 weeks ago. It's good to be back!
* My healing skills have improved dramatically. My ten-man group has cleared Naxx two weeks in a row now, and is learning Malygos. The most fun was two-healing the four main wings our first time in there, my paladin partner and I have a good grip on things. However, I don't think we'll be able to two-heal Sapph or KT for a while.
* My new druid heal, Wild Growth, was integral to our first Kel'thuzad kill. Our dps was only one-ranged, the rest melee, plus the lich tank, so 5 people in danger of chain ice-blocks. We arranged the melee in a tight triangle around the boss, and I would periodically cast Wild Growth on them, and with its 15 yard range and multiple target affect I was able to heal all of them at once most of the time. That and swiftmend for ranged ice blocks helped a ton. While the kill was a total team effort, it was nice to see how the bosses were (re)designed around the new spells (or vice versa).
* My mage is 74, and inching closer to The Loremaster achievement, first two zones down, working on Dragonblight.
* I need to decide on the blog's overall focus. If I'm going to spend more time talking about non-WoW things, I should probably change the name. But if those non-WoW posts aren't going to be regular, than I should just focus more on WoW and not really write on other things. Decisions, decisions.

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