Saturday, November 8, 2008

The First Post

Welcome to the Borean Tundra. Here I'll mostly write about World of Warcraft, but also whatever else is entertaining me lately, like games, movies, music, comics, sports, internet junk, or whatever else.

In terms of WoW, I have two main characters. My gnome mage Guppy (or Guppii on my new server), and my night elf resto druid Moneyball. I think for the new expansion I'm going to rename my druid Guppyball for continuity and to get the "y" back in my name. The mage was my principal character for over two years, but in Wrath I'm seriously considering playing my resto druid as the "main". Taking a healer slot makes it easier to fill groups, both for me and the other members.

I have a couple other characters I'm going to muck with too. I recently capped my third 70, my rogue Yuppie. She's fun to play, but I doubt I'll be raiding with her except as an alt or something. I mainly leveled her to add Jewelcrafting to my profession arsenal to make money. Additionally I'll play the new Death Knight to some degree, but just as a profession-bot. So, I'll probably just get the DK to the minimum level to reach the max-level profession recipes for Alchemy and Inscription, to help this whole money-making empire I have planned. However, I can't settle on a name. My three options are Cakeordeath, Cashbringer, or Sarahpalin. Tough choices! My earliest character was a 60 orc warrior, but I've played Alliance for so long I don't envision myself going back, even though I do like Horde more.

Lately I haven't played much WoW because I completed the rest of my pre-Wrath goals a little early. The primary objective was just to get the rogue capped, and that was done 3-6 days ago, plus JC is at the WotLK-minimum 350 level too. My other goal was to get the pre-expac WoW achievements that I wanted on my mage done. That was a lot more time-consuming and will take up a separate blog post someday.

Otherwise I've just been biding my time, the new expansion is only a week or so away. I have a couple RL things to knock out before I can buy it, but I hope to have that done in time for release. My other problem is I don't have a working DVD-Rom on my tower, so I either have to buy a new one or wait until Blizz offers the download option. With nothing to do in WoW besides auctioning some last TBC items I've been replaying one of my oldest most favorite games, TIE Fighter! It's a great space-simulator. A while ago I replayed most of X-Wing (the predecessor) but TIE is a lot more developed and advanced so I skipped ahead to play through it. I'm almost done with that, and then I'll move on to replaying X-Wing Alliance unless Wrath totally consumes my free time.

Last note, I named the blog after one of the new zones in Wrath because it sounded the coolest. I hope the zone is decent (it's one of the early ones), otherwise I'll have to make a name change!

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