Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pre-Expac To-Do List

Here are the things I either did or tried to do in anticipation of Wrath, done over the last month or so of the game:

1) Sell outdated items -- I had well over 200 badges saved and nothing hugely pressing to spend them on. So I converted them all into epic gems and sold them on the AH. Even though the price had dropped a lot from when they were more useful, I still got a few thousand gold from it all. Additionally I've managed to sell off all my miscellaneous stored items that will be replaced very soon. Things like old TBC leather, Aldor/Scryer stuff, even unnecessary potions. The only thing I've held onto is a bunch of ore, both original WoW and TBC stuff. I figure those things might rise in price once people are capped and I'll sell them then (or whenever I need the space).

2) Centralize my money supply. Most players probably already do this, send all their cash to one character who they then use to sell and buy AH items. Since I had a mage as my main character this was never a big issue for me, just teleport back and forth. But with a new expansion and 3-4 characters to level, I need to centralize things a bit. So I've sent most of my gold to my bank character, and my other characters each have about 500-1000g pocket money on them for training skills, repairs, and random expenses. Since I might (haven't made up my mind) level all my chars at once rather than one at a time, this will make it easier to send all my "saleable" goods to one location too.

3) Clean up mods! This is something I hope to do tonight. I need to go through every mod and decide if I really need it for WotLK. My main UI has always been X-Perl+WoW Default Action bars. But I've been toying with either moving to Pitbull or using Bartender, or a combination. I think I might try to start using Bartender but stay with X-Perl, I don't see a huge difference between it and Pitbull and I'm more familiar with the former. Last, I need to dump all my saved Auctioneer data a week into Wrath and start recompiling new information since all prices are likely to be affected.

4) Clean up bags! I've already done a good job slimming down my character's personal inventory (my mage has 51 free slots!), but I need to clean up the bank. The worst offender is my druid, who has his resto set and 3 partial sets of balance, feral dps and feral tanking gear in his bank. I need to decide whether to junk all the feral gear (since I'm gonna level balance/resto) or only junk as things are replaced. My mage needs to go through all her archived gear, decide which to hold on to as mementos, and vendor the rest. The rogue's in a decent place, although there are still a lot of low-level cut gems clogging up the bank.

5) Decide on which zone to start off leveling in. Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra are both available. Well, look at the name of this blog. I guess I know where I'm going.

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